1000 Pound Capacity Motorcycle Lift

$25/ Hour

This 1/2 ton motorcycle lift is perfect for not only small rockets but also even the heaviest harley baggers. Along with our standard set of tools we also have many motorcycle specific tools to complete almost any job you need to get done to your bike.

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10,000 Pound 2 Post Lift

$50/ Hour

The 10,000 pound 2 post lift is perfect for all cars and suv’s. It will even lift small trucks and vans. With the added protection of a safety bar up top you can be sure that your vehicle is 100% safe. The two post lifts are ideal for nearly any type of work you plan on doing to you vehicle.

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12,000 Pound 2 Post Lift

$50/ Hour

The 12,000 pound 2 post lift is the strongest 2 post lift we offer. With the ability to not only lift small cars and suv’s, but also even heavy diesel pickups this lift is perfect. Also on the 12,000 pound lift is the safety bar so your vehicle will not be lifted too high.

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14,000 Pound 4 Post Lift

$50/ Hour

The 14,000 pound four post lift can lift nearly any vehicle you can think of. The four post lift is very simple to set up. Just drive right on up and lift it up. With the additional trolly jack you can also lift the wheels off of the lift for the ability the take off tires and work on suspension as well.

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